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Visual Arts

At Sunshine Heights Primary School Visual Arts plays an important role in the development of your child. Our program focuses on encouraging children's creativity by providing art experiences which develop skills and encourage exploration. We run a choice based arts program, as your child grows so to will their skills, knowledge and creativity.

Hi, I'm Aasta and I teach  Visual Arts.

Our art sessions are all about allowing our artists to learn and make choices in their art. We provide a wide variety of art explorations which the children explore and as the year progresses the artists begin to make more meaningful choices about what their art will become. 

We learn about the Studio Habits of the Mind and the skills that are linked to each of these 8 habits.

During our Art Sessions we can get pretty messy but that is all about having fun and learning. We provide art smocks for your child to use and we teach our young artists to do what all artist do - clean up and respect the materials.

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