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Principal's Welcome

Well, hello! Welcome, to our school and to our website, and if you’ve landed here, you’re probably keen to hear a little bit about our incredible school community and who I am as the principal. We are an amazingly diverse and connected community of learners in Melbourne’s inner west, sitting on Wurundjeri lands. We are emphatic about providing an exceptional learning journey for every one of our students. Our learning combines the best research from the science of how students learn, with the evidence-based art of teaching - our teachers do amazing things with our students and we love to celebrate this success as a community. 


I was fortunate enough to join Sunshine Heights in October 2020 (great timing I know!) during the height of the pandemic, and was instantly blown away by how connected and warm our community is. My background as an educator spans the UK, Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory, before settling in Melbourne in 2018 with my husband and our two children. Before teaching, I studied Botany and Zoology, so I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed animal and plant nerd. I also love climbing! I’m really passionate about all our children having access to a strong start in literacy and numeracy, a proactive approach to Social and Emotional WellBeing, all combined with epic opportunities in other subject areas including Science, the Arts and Humanities.


Our school is gifted with a truly amazing set of educators, and the experiences they provide to our students showcase the best that this beautiful corner of the world has to offer. The stars in our constellations that guide our journey are of course our students, melded with a drive to be sustainable, transparent in our learning and with equitable opportunities for all.


Come by and say hi, call the office to find out more, but above all, welcome to Sunny Heights. 


Best wishes, 




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