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Performing Arts

The performing Arts program at Sunshine Heights is a great opportunity for students to learn about their musical and performance interests. The journey here begins with learning through play and exploration. Discovering sound, movement, multiple instruments and with a little imagination, the sky is the limit for where we can take the curious minds of our learners.


Hello! I’m Jasmine and I teach Performing Arts. 


I love being silly with the students and having lots of FUN. There is always plenty of singing, dancing and laughter when we come together for Performing Arts. 


In our program, students from Prep to Grade 6 all learn music theory throughout the units of learning; from reading and understanding rhythms and notes, to applying them in practice. These set the foundations for all the fun stuff that comes along the way.


During class time, students are able to experiment with different instruments and equipment to explore sound, and to express their creativity. There are always opportunities for learning new skills, as well as presenting and performing. 


Highlight events each year for our program include: Harmony Day celebrations, the awesome Talent Show event, Australian Ballet partnership and of course the all exciting end-of-year Festive Concert. 

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