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Physical Education & Sport

Physical Education at Sunshine Heights Primary School sets out to be fun and engaging for all students, whilst providing them with the building blocks to lead a healthy and active lifestyle - now and into the future.

Teamwork, co-operation, problem solving, tolerance, engagement and fair play are fundamental in the physical and emotional development of our students and physical activity provides a wonderful opportunity to explore, develop and refine these life-long skills.


Hi I’m Dane Barun and I teach Physical Education.


I come from a sporting background having played multiple different sports growing up, with the most prominent being basketball. I earned myself a scholarship to play college basketball in America where I gained more knowledge and skills in the development of athletes.


After my time in America I decided to come back home and get a Master's Degree in Physical Education.


At Sunshine Heights we are very committed to helping students develop in the many different areas of sport which include team work, fundamental/motor skill development, nutrition, healthy living and most importantly, having fun with our classmates!


As well as our weekly sport sessions, the students also have the opportunity to participate in our Swimming program, Athletics Day, Inter School Sports (Senior Levels) and Cross Country.

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