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Policy Reviewed 30th January 2019. Will be reviewed 30th January 2020.

Sunshine Heights Primary School

Policy Reviewed 30th January 2019. Will be reviewed 30th January 2020.


Children learn best when parents and the school work together. From time to time problems arise for a variety of reasons. This policy explains how Parents can work with the school to solve the problem.



  • To provide a safe and supportive learning and working environment

  • To build positive relationships between students, parents, teachers and other staff

  • To provide guidance on how to raise an issue and on the procedure that will be implemented to provide a resolution

  • To resolve issues by working in partnership with students, parents, teachers, other staff, Primary Welfare Officer, Leadership Team and Principal

  • The school is constantly trying to improve. When issues are raised, they are regarded as a source of feedback



Concern: A perceived matter that is raised to clarify, improve or change a situation. For example, "I believe that...,I think that the school should..."

Complaint: A perceived grievance or disagreement that requires resolution. For example, "My child has a problem with... and I want it resolved."



In the first instance, parents should approach teachers to resolve issues relating to student learning and specific student incidents in the teachers' class.

Parents should approach Professional Learning Team Leaders (see below) to resolve issues when students from other classes are involved or if it is a decision that has been made in relation to all of the grades in that level.

2019 Professional Learning Team Leaders

Level 1 (Grade Prep): Sally Fowler
Level 2 (Grade 1/2): Tania Kilkenny 
Level 2 (Grade 3): Jenny Lupo
Level 3 (Grade 4): Shannon Taylor
Level 4 (Grade 5/6): Sam Allardice
Specialist: Francine Sculli

Leadership Team:
Sharon Noel - Primary Welfare Officer
 Sally Fowler - Learning Specialist
Sonia Papadopoulos - School Based Coach 
Jacinta Goldie - Whole School Improvement Coach

Parents should approach members of the Leadership team to resolve issues that have not been dealt with successfully by the teacher or Professional Learning Team Leader. Issues relating to staff members or complex student issues can also be referred to members of the Leadership team.

Parents should approach the Principal to resolve issues that cannot be resolved by the Leadership team and issues relating to school policy, management, staff members or complex student issues.



When you approach the school or child's teacher:

  • be clear about the topic or issue you want to discuss

  • focus on the things that genuinely affect your child

  • be prepared to discuss the issue in an open and calm manner

  • think about what an acceptable outcome would be for you and your child



The school will:

  • attempt to resolve the issue promptly, as soon as possible after the issue occurs

  • provide complete and factual information about the issue

  • maintain and respect the privacy and confidentiality of all parties

  • acknowledge that the common goal is to achieve an outcome acceptable to all parties

  • act in good faith and in a courteous manner

  • show respect and understanding of each other's point of view and value difference rather than judge and blame

  • resolve issues in accordance with due process, principles of natural justice and the regulatory framework of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

  • provide feedback that shows that the issue has been heard and that it has been addressed



The issues resolution policy will be sent home to all families at the start of the school year or during the enrolment process.

The policy will be placed on the school website.

Parents will be periodically reminded of the policy and procedures in relation to issues resolution.



A random parent survey will be sent home once a year.

Parents are invited to provide feedback to the principal throughout the year.

Feedback from teachers will be sought.